Docs for Internet Explorer 3

Oldies but Goodies

I am a bit of a packrat and save lots of things 'just in case'. After seeing several requests for old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer documentation I thought - ahha! I know just where that is... back here... under this thing... and .... just - there! So here are the bits I have found, freshly dusted off and ready for downloading. They all come from the Microsoft site originally.

Object Model
Object Model [1.1MB] (Word File)
Object Model [75kb] (Zip File - Mine, missing original )

VBScript documentation[275kb] (self extracts - html - for version 2 dlls?)
JScript documentation[248kb] (self extracts - html - version 2 dlls?)
Version 2 scripting dlls [450kb](might come with ie3.02)

HTML [176kb] (windows help file format)

Style Sheets
CSS 1 [620kb] (Word File)
Using CSS [432kb] by Robert Hess (Word File)
both CSS docs [62kb] (ZIP File - Mine, missing original)

ActiveX Control Reference [51kb] (Word File)
ActiveX Control FAQ [44kb] (Word File)
Both ActiveX Control docs [26kb] (Zip File - Mine)

Please let me know what you download so I have an idea what people are looking for.

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