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Welcome an historical script samples site.

I don't really think this stuff is especially useful these days, but just today I was having trouble getting an automated mailmerge to work using an Excel 97 file. I googled and found this old page and it solved my problem. :) So, I figured I'd update this intro page and just keep it ticking over so I can find it again.

How to put Excel data into a web page.

How to print via scripting.  (IE4 and Netscape 4)

Pages here will use javascript and/or vbscript, style sheets, and some activex controls.

I use and write for Internet Explorer.

Have you seen the Opera browser from Opera Software in Norway yet? It is based completely on the public HTML & javascript(ECMAscript) standards. It is small and fast. Check it out, it has some great features. or view guestbook or sign guestbook.