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VBScript Group
Things Brought to you by volunteers

This structure could be modified to meet the needs of the current site level. So members, for example, would lead to the vbscript memberlist if the user is in the vbscript site, or the entire group list if they are at our top level site. Home will mean the group's main page if the viewer is reading articles in a group - or the club home if the viewer is at the group's start page. Mail might be to the group leader, or the club leader etc.

The menu items could lead to flat html pages/framesets, or trigger dhtml/activex menus depending on the browser.

Each team could choose their own colour combinations as a visual aid to viewers that they are in a certain group's area: If the sites look the same in other respects, it will give us a cohesive look and feel. (we may have to approve colour choices as a group though...)

It is mostly the navbar format that I am suggesting at this point. I haven't had any real inspiration on the rest of the design, though of course if you like what you see... My only strong feeling is that whatever the design, it should be extremely simple, clean and elegant. I think that will add to a feeling of professionalism.